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Please note: On Tuesday August 17th 2010, we will be launching a new version of our website. All of the changes are intended to make the site easier to navigate. The content of the website will remain the same.
If you have not already registered for a user name & password please do so now, as this will be required to access the new website. 
You may also sign-up for alerts.  These alerts will send you an e-mail whenever updates are made to the vendor announcements section.  If you are currently registered to receive alerts,  you will need to re-register, as these settings will not transfer over to the new site.
We appreciate your patience as we make these improvements.
Approved8/16/2010 11:38 AM
There was an inaccurate announcement sent out yesterday about store 340. 
This note said to send store 340 via UPS.
Please continue to ship goods for store 340 thru SDC 954 as outlined in our routing guide.
We have corrected the issue in the system, and apologize for any issues that this may have caused you.
Approved7/21/2010 9:58 AM
We have added the address for the new stores 347
Store 347 will be serviced by our Compton, CA SDC.
Please ship all merchandise for these stores to the appropiate SDC.  Please also make sure that you are shipping these stores within the ship window as listed on the PO.
Approved7/14/2010 5:01 PM
In an effort to keep shipping costs to a minimum, Stein Mart is requesting that all vendors review the following packing guidelines.  Your adherence to these guidelines will enable us to eliminate unnecessary costs resulting from excess packaging.
Approved7/13/2010 4:32 PM
We have added the address for the new stores 345 and 346
Store 345 will be serviced by our Lithia Springs, GA SDC.
Store 346 will be serviced by our Lithia Springs, GA SDC.
Please ship all merchandise for these stores to the appropiate SDC.  Please also make sure that you are shipping these stores within the ship window as listed on the PO.
Approved6/29/2010 2:22 PM

Since the certification program began, there has been an increased necessity for enforcement of the font size for the Purchase Order printed in Zone E.  The minimum font size is 20 pt for this field, and all suppliers are required to meet this minimum requirement.  This information was communicated to certified suppliers on October 22, 2009, but some suppliers have still not corrected their label format. If you do need to correct this field, you do not need to re-certify your GS1-128 label for this simple modification.

It is your company's responsibility to maintain a quality assurance program, which will maintain the same level of print quality as the sample sent in for analysis. If your company makes any changes in hardware, software or label material, we do suggest you re-certify your label to ensure compliance. In addition, we encourage you to review Stein Mart label placement requirements and constantly monitor the Stein Mart Vendor Relations Portal.  


Please contact us at if you have any questions or require assistance. 
Approved5/10/2010 8:35 AM
Recently, there have been a increase in the number of cartons that have come to us with multiple GS1 labels on the carton.
Please note, this is a violation to Stein Mart.  Vendors can only place one GS1 label on the carton.
Also, cartons can only be for 1 PO.  You can't place more than one PO within the same carton.
This one label will tie to the ASN that lists ALL the units in the carton.
Failure to comply with this requirment will result in a inaccurate label charge of $5.00 per carton.
Approved5/4/2010 10:16 AM

Please be advised – beginning April 1st, 2010 all ASNs received with incorrect SHIP DATES (FREIGHT PICK-UP DATES) will be subject to a business recovery charge of $1.00 per carton, with a $50 minimum charge.


Charges incurred due to inaccurate freight pickup dates, transmitted on an ASN, will be reduced to $1.00 per carton.  Upon the receipt and verification of a signed BOL confirming Stein Mart’s policies were not violated, this new charge will be applied.

PLEASE ensure that you are taking the time to verify all data is correct prior to transmitting your ASNs.

Approved4/2/2010 7:53 AM

Many of you have been asking about store 342, 343, and 344.  We will be processing all freight for this new store thru the Dallas SDC.  Please make sure that this PO ships within its ship window.  The merchandise will be held at the SDC, until the release date at which time we will forward it directly to the store.

The SDC addresses for these stores are


Stein Mart SDC 953

510 West Trinity Blvd

Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Approved3/23/2010 11:56 AM

To All Stein Mart Vendors,


An important aspect of Stein Mart’s Vendor Performance program is to provide our vendors with immediate feedback when we detect deviations from our business requirements. In an effort to insure all related issues and questions are resolved in a timely manner, Stein Mart requires all vendor correspondence related to any performance warnings or Business Recovery Charges to be initiated within 120 days of the SHIP DATE. Requests to review data or reverse Business Recovery Charges older than 120 days from the SHIP DATE will be denied.


All correspondence relating to vendor performance issues must be emailed to In this note, please reference your vendor name and number, the Business Recovery Charge number, and points you would like us to consider when reviewing your charges.

Approved3/16/2010 3:23 PM

Effective April 5th we will begin the rollout for 954 (Los Angeles) stores.  We have changed the routing guide for these states.  You will continue to ship the Dallas stores direct to the Dallas SDC.  The Atlanta and Los Angeles SDC, will ship to the Atlanta consolidation center on one BOL.  This will equal two shipments out of your facility, one BOL for Dallas SDC and one BOL for Atlanta consolidation center.  Please review the website to ensure you are using the correct carrier.

Approved3/11/2010 11:36 AM

It is the vendor's responsibility to let Vendor Compliance know if the business recovery charge e-mails and warnings are not being sent to the correct person in your organization


Stein Mart will not be responsible for following up if the contact listed is not getting the e-mails.


Failure to provide this contact information or to keep it updated will not invalidate our business recovery charges.


If you need to change your contact, please e-mail with the new contact's name, Phone number, e-mail address, as well as what the vendor's name and number that they represent.

Approved2/26/2010 5:48 PM
It has come to our attention that some vendors are repeating their carton ID's.
Please make sure that you don't repeat the carton ID's for 12 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS. 
Just because it is a new year doesn't mean that you can start over with the same carton numbers.
Approved2/22/2010 9:09 AM
We have just updated the POS Ticket Types to include the "VE" ticket, also known as the "sticky ticket". This ticket can be used if 1) vendor hang tag has a bar coded UPC, 2) vendor hang tag has an MSRP, and 3) has been approved by the buyer.
Approved1/21/2010 4:53 PM3/19/2010

Stein Mart is pleased to introduce increased flexibility for vendors to pre-ticket Stein Mart merchandise. In addition to the current Avery Service Bureau, we are now offering vendors three new ways to order and print tickets - vendor hang tag with a Stein Mart sticky ticket, Avery's turn-key solution and a mix & match solution. Please click on the attached document for further details. 

Approved1/12/2010 7:41 PM

To ensure unauthorized substitutions are not accepted by our facilities, Stein Mart is implementing stronger edits on vendor ASNs. Effective immediately, if you submit an ASN with a SKU or SKU/UPC combination which was not on the Purchase Order, your ASN will be rejected. If you make any deviation from the PO, you are required to contact the buyer at least three working days in advance of the shipment date for them to approve the substitution and update the PO. Failure to have the PO updated with the correct information and the ASN successfully transmitted to Stein Mart by 11:00 am Eastern the day after the shipment may result in late or missing ASN Business Recovery Charges.

Approved12/23/2009 11:44 AM

Some vendors are continuing to ship the following stores to SDC 952 in Lithia Springs Georgia. Please update your records to reflect the correct Store Distribution Center of 953 in Dallas Texas. Failure to do so may result in routing related Business Recovery Charges.


Effective Immediately, the following stores will be serviced out of SDC 953 at 510 West Trinity Blvd, Grand Prairie, Tx 75050:


252 Ballwin, Mo

323 St. Louis, Mo

13 Baton Rouge, La

22 New Orleans, La

40 Metairie, La

90 Lafayette, La

107 Biloxi, Ms

192 Mandeville, La

232 Kenner, La


These stores will have their SDC address updated on the Stores Address List that can be found at  Routing instructions for these stores will not change, but the UCC-128 labels must reflect the Grand Prairie SDC address. 


Please email with any questions. 

Approved12/3/2009 5:19 PM

Note: the 997 is not intended to report data validity errors or format errors that are User Application specific. It can only identify compliance errors that are not in accordance with ANSI X12 Standards. Therefore a 997 indicating no errors can be sent to acknowledge a document that may include inaccurate,

missing, or incorrectly formatted business data.

Approved12/3/2009 10:52 AM

Many of you have been asking about store 341.  We will be processing all freight for this new store thru the Atlanta SDC.  Please make sure that this PO ships within its ship window.  The merchandise will be held at the SDC, until the release date at which time we will forward it directly to the store.

The SDC address for store 341 is


Stein Mart SDC 952

757 Douglas Hill Road

Lithia Springs, GA 30122

Approved12/1/2009 2:53 PM3/31/2010
Stein Mart is pleased to announce the roll-out of in-house ticket printing through Avery Dennison. If you are interested, please fill out the attached document and forward to Jill Coleman at Avery.
Once Avery has the printing location information, their in-country sales people to work directly with the factories to review printing capabilities and ensure setup and startup proceeds smoothly.
Approved11/4/2009 11:37 AM

Please be aware that this vendor website will be taken out of service at 5:00 PM EST on Thursday, November 5 for scheduled maintenance.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but expect the outage to last approximately 3-4 hours.

Approved11/4/2009 10:07 AM11/6/2009

Packing lists are no longer required for vendors who send ASN's. 

Vendors who still ship direct to store will need to continue providing packing lists.

Vendors who ship without an ASN need to continue providing packing lists.

Approved10/15/2009 5:29 PM
We appreciate the business relationship that we have with your company, and we value the integrity and transparency of the partnership. As we approach the holiday season, we believe it appropriate and timely to outline our gift giving/receiving policy, which has been attached for your review.
Approved10/15/2009 8:27 AM1/10/2010

In March of 2009, Stein Mart introduced a new 9 digit purchase order format.   This formatting change was necessary to support the needs of our consolidation centers and store distribution centers that now comprise our integrated supply chain.

Effective Tuesday, December 1st, Stein Mart will complete the transition from the old 6 digit purchase order format to the new 9 digit purchase order format. Once this transition is complete, we will no longer support the 6 digit purchase order format.   The vast majority of Stein Mart’s vendors have either completed the DiCentral certification process or chosen to use eZcom’s web based EDI service.  As these vendors have already transitioned to the new 9 digit purchase order format, no further action is needed. 

Those vendors who have not either completed their DiCentral certification or registered to use the eZcom web based service MUST do so immediately. 

After December 1st, ALL purchase orders will be transmitted in the new 9 digit format.  This format may not be able to be processed with your current system mapping.

Contact information for both DiCentral and eZcom is available on our vendor services website at  Questions regarding this matter should be directed to

Approved10/13/2009 6:28 PM12/18/2009
Attached is a list of contact information for our Service Providers and internal Stein Mart Supply Chain teams.
Approved10/13/2009 6:20 PM
Approved9/23/2009 3:15 PM8/14/2009
Avery has provided us a user guide for when you begin ordering Stein Mart tickets from Avery's web site.
Approved9/23/2009 3:15 PM
We have revised our ticketing formats, and have included a file that displays the tickets, as well as the ticket type code that will be pass to you on the PO at the SKU level.
Approved9/23/2009 3:15 PM8/28/2009

We would like to invite you to a weekly Stein Mart / Vendor Supply Chain roll-out conference call where we will review any issues or topics related to shipping floor-ready merchandise through our Consolidation Centers and Store Distribution Centers (SDC). Discussion topics include EDI, ticketing, carton label, and routing requirements.


Please bring any questions that you may have to the call. 


When: Every Wednesday from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

Conference Call Number: (866) 323-3541

Passcode: 97191119

Approved9/23/2009 3:15 PM8/26/2009
Approved9/23/2009 3:14 PM7/15/2009
Approved9/23/2009 3:14 PM7/15/2009

We have a new function on our website which allows you to set up alerts for when we add or update our vendor information.


To the right of the page, you will see a Log In Box. If you are a new user, click on “Not yet registered?” Once you signup, you will receive a welcome note, asking you to change your password.


Next, click on the “Actions” link under Vendor Announcements, and select “Alert Me”.


Enter your email address in the “Users” box and select the conditions for what and when you will be alerted.

Approved9/23/2009 1:45 PM

Effective September 18, 2009 Stein Mart will activate the EDI function that transmits the appropriate SDC address in the N1*ST segment (SHIP TO SEGMENT) of the purchase order (850).  The store number will continue to populate the Z7 segment (Mark For segment).


Please note that we will not automatically retransmit existing purchase orders.  If you would like to have your purchase order retransmitted to you with the SDC information in the N1*ST segment you must send an email request to . 


Please list:       1. Your vendor name

                        2. Your vendor number

                        3. Your Purchase Order number.


All purchase orders entered on or after September 21st, 2009 will automatically transmit this information.


Please note that all Stein Mart’s purchase orders are now being routed through our Supply Chain Network unless specifically authorized by vendor compliance in writing to do otherwise.  Our vendors are responsible for ensuring that their purchase orders are routed according to the instructions listed on our vendor services website.  Vendors who fail to route their purchase orders according to these guidelines will be subject to business recovery charges.

Approved9/18/2009 11:07 AM
Here is a copy of the dates that the different areas of the country started shipping to the SDC's.
Approved9/14/2009 1:35 PM
Approved8/31/2009 2:05 PM
Join us for the weekly Stein Mart / Vendor Conference Call every Wednesday at 1:00 Eastern.
Participant Dial-in: (866) 951-1151
Conference Room #: 6987904
Approved8/31/2009 2:01 PM

Stein Mart is pleased to announce a new, low-cost, web-based EDI solution.


In our continual effort to explore opportunities for process improvements and cost reductions, Stein Mart has negotiated with several EDI providers to offer a low-cost, web-based EDI solution. Regardless of your size or frequency of orders, these providers have affordable solutions to fit your business needs. Click on the EDI section of our site to go to our vendors’ “landing sites” to receive more information. Each company offers its own value proposition, so we will leave it to you and the vendors to determine which solution will best serve your needs.


Now, affordable EDI is in everyone’s reach!

Approved8/20/2009 2:06 PM
The updated Stein Mart Routing guide is now available through the Documents or Routing Instructions sections of the vendor website.
Approved8/19/2009 3:05 PM

Effective immediately, we have updated our 850 and 860 Implementation Guides to more accuratly communicate and capture ticket, hanger, color, and size information. The IGs can be found in either the documents section or the EDI section.


850 Changes

SAC Header Segment

Adding Ticket and Hanger Requirement Flags


PO1 Segment

Adding Buyers Color and Size Descriptions


860 Changes

POC Segment

Adding Buyers Color and Size Descriptions

Approved8/19/2009 11:57 AM

Here is a quick step to have vendors callout their orders: If they need to change quantity ,ship to information or fulfillment center please refer to manual

  • Log in
  • Click Product Ordering on left hand side of screen
  • Click Order tab on top of screen
  • Click Pending Orders on left hand side
  • Select PO to process

To Track Orders

  • Log In
  • Click Product Ordering on left hand side of screen
  • Click Order tab on top of screen
  • Click Order Tracker on left side of page
  • Select Search:  This will prompt for information
Approved8/12/2009 4:43 PM
Failure to become EDI and Carton Label certified WILL NOT exempt you from Business Recovery Charges. Please contact DiCentral at and Bar Code Graphics at if you have not already done so.

Once we are notified by DiCentral that you have passed the EDI tests, Stein Mart will begin transmitting purchase orders to you in the new format within 1 - 3 business days.
Approved8/8/2009 8:05 AM

This is a reminder that effective July 1, we expect ALL vendors shipping through our network to comply with our performance expectations. Business Recovery Charges (BRCs) for missing/invalid carton labels and routing violations are already in production, effective June 1st, as communicated in earlier announcements.


Performance Metric

Effective Date

Business Recovery Charge

ASN Missing/Invalid



Inaccurate ASN



Missing/Invalid GS1-128 Label



Routing Violation


Full Freight plus $100

Early Shipment


5% cost of early

Late Shipment


10% cost of late

Missing/Incorrect POS Tickets



Missing/Incorrect Hangers



Hangers Seeded




Failure to comply with these performance metrics will result in deductions from your invoices.


The ASN and carton label requirements apply only to shipments routed to our Store Distribution Centers, and will be applicable to ALL vendors shipping through our network.


Please contact DiCentral at and Bar Code Graphics at if you have not already done so.


Please contact us at or if you have any questions.


Approved8/8/2009 8:04 AM8/8/2009
Some vendors have expressed concern over the length of time it is taking them to register with Avery Dennison for the ticketing program.
Avery has been able to process vendors within two business days or less, as long as the vendors have registered on the Avery site and have completed their paperwork.
* Make sure you have completely filled out the registration documents.
* Check your SPAM filters to ensure the Avery communications make it through your email system.
* If you do not receive confirmation of completing the registration process, contact Pat Harnois at Avery Dennison for assistance. Her contact information is as follows:
Pat Harnois
Avery Dennison - Customer Service Group
Innovations & Solutions Group
PH: (508) 383-5028  
FAX: (508) 383-5024
E-FAX: (828) 759-7996
Approved7/14/2009 8:25 PM

Please be advised that we have updated the 850, 860 and 856 implementation guides with the following changes.


850 and 860: The CTP segment in the examples and CTP segment were updated.  We are no longer passing the retail price in the CTP segment ('RTL' ) we now pass the suggested retail ('MSR'). 


856:  We have reinstituted an ASN validation - for vendors who send an ASN with a vendor number at the order level which does not match the PO, the ASN will be rejected. 

Approved7/9/2009 5:14 PM

Stein Mart is pleased to announce the roll out of our Avery Dennison ticketing program.


As you have heard, Stein Mart is modifying our POS ticketing program in order to greatly improve our ordering and processing efficiency and accuracy. In alignment with industry best practices, Stein Mart will no longer print and send POS tickets to our vendors. Instead, we are turning over the management and acquisition of tickets to you and Avery Dennison.


Effective Friday, July 17: all tickets required by vendors after this date will be procured directly from Avery by the merchandise vendor. Stein Mart will no longer create ticket orders.


Attached is the Authorization Form from Avery. Please fill it out and either fax it to 508-383-5024 or send it to:


Avery Dennison

Attn: Web Services Web Registration

7 Bishop Street - Building 6

Framingham, MA 01702


Once your application has been processed, you will be contacted by Avery Dennison Customer Service via email with the necessary information required to set-up your online log-on to begin ordering Stein Mart tickets directly from Avery.


If you have further questions about this program, you can contact us at


Approved6/23/2009 11:06 AM

Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs) must be successfully received by Stein Mart by 11:00 am EST the day following the shipment in order to be considered on time.


In the event of an ASN / 856 transmission error, Stein Mart will send you an email notifying you of that error. It is your responsibility to correct and successfully resend the ASN / 856 back to Stein Mart by 11:00am the day after shipment to avoid business recovery charges related to late ASN.


To ensure the notification email is not trapped by your firewall, please add RBTSYSOP@BSYS.STEINMART.COM

to your address book or personal whitelist.


Any questions should be directed to

Approved6/17/2009 3:31 PM
Have a look around. Use the Contact Us menu on the top navigation menu if you have any questions.
Approved5/22/2009 2:57 PM