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Transition to the 9 Digit Purchase Order Format


In March of 2009, Stein Mart introduced a new 9 digit purchase order format.   This formatting change was necessary to support the needs of our consolidation centers and store distribution centers that now comprise our integrated supply chain.

Effective Tuesday, December 1st, Stein Mart will complete the transition from the old 6 digit purchase order format to the new 9 digit purchase order format. Once this transition is complete, we will no longer support the 6 digit purchase order format.   The vast majority of Stein Mart’s vendors have either completed the DiCentral certification process or chosen to use eZcom’s web based EDI service.  As these vendors have already transitioned to the new 9 digit purchase order format, no further action is needed. 

Those vendors who have not either completed their DiCentral certification or registered to use the eZcom web based service MUST do so immediately. 

After December 1st, ALL purchase orders will be transmitted in the new 9 digit format.  This format may not be able to be processed with your current system mapping.

Contact information for both DiCentral and eZcom is available on our vendor services website at  Questions regarding this matter should be directed to



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Created at 10/13/2009 6:28 PM by David Barnard
Last modified at 10/13/2009 6:28 PM by David Barnard