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One GS1 label per carton


Recently, there have been a increase in the number of cartons that have come to us with multiple GS1 labels on the carton.
Please note, this is a violation to Stein Mart.  Vendors can only place one GS1 label on the carton.
Also, cartons can only be for 1 PO.  You can't place more than one PO within the same carton.
This one label will tie to the ASN that lists ALL the units in the carton.
Failure to comply with this requirment will result in a inaccurate label charge of $5.00 per carton.



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Version: 2.0
Created at 5/3/2010 8:25 AM by zzSteven Williams
Last modified at 5/4/2010 10:16 AM by zzSteven Williams