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Effective January 1, 2019: Vendor chargeback disputes must be submitted within six months of the applied chargeback.

To dispute a chargeback please email with the following information: 

  • Chargeback Deduction Number
  • Chargeback Deduction Amount
  • PO Reference Number
  • BOL/POD details for cartons shipped per PO for all cartons
Chargebacks are logged in first come first serve order.  Chargebacks will be worked for repayment provided the dispute is in-process prior to the 6-month deduction anniversary.
Disputes greater than 6 months old without prior notification will be denied.  Vendors will be notified via email if the repayment is being denied or additional details are needed.
Vendors are responsible to respond timely to any requests from the research team for additional evidence support.  If a Vendor fails to respond to requests after three or more email notification attempts, the researcher will close the case and move forward to the next claim. 
The case will need to be submitted again by the Vendor once a dispute is closed.

Please review updated Terms and Conditions of Purchase below which now includes language to address Prop 65 requirements.​

See new 2017 Gift Policy Letter.

​Click on TIN Documents under General Accounting Links below for instructions on sending an updated W-9 form.

Welcome to our Accounting Portal.  Our goal is to provide our vendors with quick access to information.  Check out our requirements, forms, contact information and check run calendars.
Effective immediately, Stein Mart, Inc. will be the purchasing entity for all merchandise purchases for Stein Mart.  All invoices should be issued in the name of Stein Mart, Inc., and no longer be issued in the name of Stein Mart Buying Corp.  Stein Mart Inc. will honor invoices issued in the name of Stein Mart Buying Corp throughout a reasonable transition period (approximately three months) to give you time to make the change in your billing system.  We appreciate your cooperation with this change.
Stein Mart standard payment terms are changing with orders dated January 1, 2011.  See the attached letter.