The invoice number on a remittance advice for a deduction is preceded by a 2-4 digit code indicating the type of deduction.
DMQ                           Chargeback (Mdse) - Debit Memo Quantity.  A deduction against the invoice for merchandise shortages.                              
CBC                             Chargeback (Cost) – Debit Memo Cost.  A deduction against the invoice for invoice cost in excess of PO.             
CMQ                            Repayment of DMQ - Credit Memo Quantity   
CMC                            Repayment of CBC - Credit Memo Cost   
DMQ..A                       Correction of DMQ (such as vendor# or inv# correction)
CMQ..A                       Reversal of repayment 
L                                  RTV (return to vendor).  Deduction for merchandise returned to vendor.  Negotiated between Stein Mart buying staff and vendor.  
L..A                              Reversal of RTV (can be vendor# correction or repayment)
MVA                            Markdown Vendor Allowance.  Supported by vendor agreement or special negotiation.
MVD                            Damage allowance supported by vendor agreement or special  negotiation.
MCB                            Allowance for late shipment, discounts, rebates, merchandise redirects or other similar allowances.  Supported by vendor agreement or special negotiation.
MVA..A                       Correction of an Allowance 
RC                                BRC (Business Recovery Charge).  Issued for failure to meet our requirements. 
RC..A                           Reversal of BRC 
SR(CA, GA OR NJ)       Smart Route/Commercial Zone charge.  Charged to vendors shipping to Stein Mart from the NJ/NY, Atlanta and Southern CA regions on shipments to our consolidation centers. 
SR..A                           Reversal of Smart Route                
POEC                           Point of Entry Charge 
POEC..A                      Reversal of Point Of Entry Charge