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Accurate SHIP TO information required on ASN.


Please be advised effective April 23rd,  Stein Mart will require all ASNs received contain accurate SHIP TO information in the (N1*ST )segment. In most instances, the SHIP TO location will be the Stein Mart SDC associated with the store number listed in the MARK FOR  (*Z7) segment. Valid Stein Mart SDCs are identified as 00952, 00953, and 00954.  In rare cases, requiring prior approval, the purchase order may be written to be shipped direct to store.  In these instances, the store should be listed in this (N1*ST) segment as a 5 digit store number.


***Please note: The information referenced above is sent to you in 850 EDI purchase order. The N104 on the 856 should map from the N104 on the 850 or last 860 where the N101 segment is ST or Z7.  ***


If an ASN is received referencing invalid location information, the ASN will be rejected and a rejection notification will be sent to the email address provided within the ASN.  If you receive a rejection notification, you must correct the error and resubmit the ASN.  All ASNs must be received, without error no later than 11:00 am (EST) the business day following freight pick-up.  Failure to resubmit a corrected ASN by the deadline listed above will result in business recovery charges.


Please feel free to contact or with any questions you may have.

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Version: 2.0
Created at 4/18/2012 3:16 PM by Sandra
Last modified at 4/18/2012 3:37 PM by Sandra