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Stein Mart’s New Transportation Management System, SmartRoute


Dear Vendor Partners:

Over the coming months, Stein Mart will be introducing you to our new Transportation Management System (TMS) we are calling SmartRoute.  If you are familiar with or have used a TMS to support your other clients, then you know how much more efficient the routing process and visibility to your purchase orders can be.  If you are not familiar with a TMS, we expect the routing process for Stein Mart’s merchandise will be a more efficient one than it is for you today. 

SmartRoute will require some changes within the routing process and carrier scheduling.  A brief summary of the key changes that will impact our vendors is listed below:

·         Each vendor partner will access a customized web portal to complete a routing request

·         Each vendor partner will receive automated email reminders regarding purchase orders approaching routing deadlines

·         Initial load scheduling will be completed by Stein Mart’s transportation team

·         Routing instructions and VICS BOL will be sent for every planned shipment

Here’s what to expect over the coming months:

·         December 2012, January, 2013 – Stein Mart will develop webinar based TMS training material for our vendor partners

·         Mid-January, early February, 2013 – Training session materials including schedules and registration instructions will be provided to our vendor partners

·         March, 2013 – Stein Mart’s SmartRoute system will go live with a select group of vendor partners.  Once we have determined the system is working successfully, we will initiate a process to roll out the new system to vendor partners on a regional basis.  Our goal will be to have all vendor partners utilizing the system to route their shipments by the end of May, 2013

Please look forward to additional communications from Stein Mart’s transportation team and we are looking forward to working with you to successfully implement our SmartRoute TMS system. 


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