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Attention POE Vendors


Stein Mart POE Vendors,
As you are aware Stein Mart has a process for shipping POE (Port of Entry), bypassing the vendor’s domestic warehouse or distribution center.  ALL POE purchase orders must be preapproved by your designated Stein Mart merchant.  Please review POE guidelines periodically for updated procedures.   POE Guide lines are located within Stein Mart’s Vendor Standards manual located online at http://smvendorportal/sites/supplychain/Pages/Default.aspx.
Stein Mart will take possession of containers once they have cleared customs, all charges paid and available for pickup at a preapproved US port.  For a container to be considered available there must be at least 3 business days availability prior to the LFD, it must be in an opened area of the yard, mounted on a chassis, with available pick up appointments.  Vendors will be responsible for any additional cost incurred as a result of availability issues or port delays.  Additional costs may include, driver detention, dry run, split chassis, chassis rental, appointment fees and demurrage.
Due to the current issues on the West Coast ports, chassis shortages, port congestion and container availability issues, please ensure you or your brokers work closely to ensure containers are fully available at least 3 business days prior to LFD.  We will work with our approved carriers to ensure containers are picked up as quickly as possible.

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