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Last modified at 5/14/2020 9:41 AM by Sandra Hebert
Welcome to the Stein Mart
Supply Chain Vendor Portal !!                 

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Stein Mart Business Update:
Hunt Hawkins, Stein Mart CEO.  Dated April 1st, 2020 
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Substitution Policy Reminder: 
Stein Mart does not accept vendor substitutions. Vendors may not ship merchandise which has not been assigned a SKU and subsequently detailed on an approved Stein Mart PO. Stein Mart will not return nor will we issue payment for receipt of merchandise which is not listed on the Stein Mart PO under which it was shipped.  The substitution of one approved SKU with another approved SKU is considered a violation of Stein Mart policy and may result in refusal of payment, business recovery charges or both. 
The term substitution is defined as either of the following occurrences:
1.       The shipment of product which does not have a corresponding SKU listed on the PO under which it is shipped.
2.       The replacement of one SKU listed on the PO with another SKU which is also listed on the PO. 
(Ex: a carton of T-Shirts with 4 SKUs (S/M/L/XL) ordered in a ratio of 2-4-4-2 but shipped in a ratio of 2-3-4-3)
New Vendor Webinars

Session 4 - Tickets, Hangers, Packing.pptx

Session 5  Business Recovery Charges -.pptx


Strategic Partnerships:
EDI - (Implementation Guides located on the navigation bar - left of screen)

eZcom Logo.JPG  DiCentral.JPGopentext.JPG

Ticketing - (Ticketing Guidelines located on the left navigation bar - left of screen)

New Ticket Format Announcement.docx












Website Banner Updated May 14th, 2020.JPG

Vendor Standards Manual Icon.JPG 

Please review the Vendor Standards Manual (above) prior to routing.

  Submit a Routing Request.JPG

SmartRoute Reference Documents:                            

Stein Mart TMS System Requirements 

 SmartRoute Routing Process-Step by Step Guide

 SmartRoute Training Documents:

SmartRoute Vendor Training Schedule.pdf

SmartRoute Q & A

TMS Vendor Training.wmvSmartRoute TMS Vendor Training.wmv

SmartWay Logo.JPG
OpenText Active Catalogue

OpenText Logo.JPG
OpenText Active Catalogue enables Stein Mart to electronically receive your UPC/GTIN and product attributes, automating item setup thereby reducing errors and improving efficiency.  

Set up is easy.

1.   Register with OpenText using the link above

2.   Complete the Stein Mart Active Catalogue form and email to

Vendors are strongly encouraged to sign up with OpenText today! 
OpenText Vendor Requirements Memo - Dated 11.5.18



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