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Supply Chain Vendor Portal
Welcome to the Stein Mart Supply Chain Portal

Thank you for being part of the Stein Mart family. Your relationship is very important to the success of our business. We are making a number of supply chain changes in order to streamline the flow of products to the consumer, our customer. If you have any questions or comments, you can click on the appropriate contact us button.  


New Vendor Webinars

Session 1 - SM Shipping Guidelines Introduction.wmv
Session 1 An Introduction - SLIDES ONLY.pptx
Session 2 - Obtaining a New Vendor Number.wmv
Session 2 Obtaining a Vendor Number - SLIDES ONLY.pptx
Session 3 - EDI - Get Connected - Part 1.wmv
Session 3 (part 1) Get Connected - SLIDES ONLY.pptx
Session 3 - EDI- The EDI Process - Part 2.wmv
Session 3 (part 2) The EDI Process - SLIDES ONLY.pptx
Session 4 - Tickets, Hangers and Packing Requirements.wmv
Session 4 Tickets, Hangers, Packing - SLIDES ONLY.pptx
Session 5 - Business Recovery Charges.wmv
Session 5 Business Recovery Charges - SLIDES ONLY.pptx


Vendor Standards Manual 2014.pdf

Routing Instructions

SmartRoute is Stein Mart's Route Request Portal.

  SmartRoute Routing Process-Step by Step Guide

Stein Mart has scheduled a series of training sessions to assist vendors with the use of Stein Mart's SmartRoute Route Request Portal.

Please visit the SmartRoute Training Schedule below to schedule your training.

  SmartRoute Training Schedule (PDF)

    SmartRoute Webinar - Previously Recorded Training

  SmartRoute Q & A

SmartRoute Link  SmartRoute




                EDI Links

DI Central Website
EZ Com Website

            Ticketing Links


Hanger Links

 Supply Chain Announcements

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